Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The inspiring story behind Pandora

We find plenty of stories of famous personalities who have really demonstrated the meaning of "Never Give Up". One of the best examples is Tim Westergren, Founder of Pandora.

Pandora, the now renowned name in internet music industry, like most startups, did not have an easy sailing early on. But it is because of Pandora's co-founder, Tim Westergren's sheer persistence that company survived the test of storms.  

He was denied 347 times before the first VC investment came in. He convinced 50 employees to work for his startup without salary for 2 years. The company was put up in California, a place where defaulting on wages is illegal by law. A couple of employees also filed a lawsuit against non payment of salary. He went into $500,000 of personal debt to finance the company apart from $2 million debt in back wages.

But despite all this, Tim always found ways to keep himself and the team motivated. He believed in himself, his idea and his team.

Today, his startup is worth $4 billion. If his story cannot motivate someone to Never Give Up, nothing can.

Source: Tim Westergren

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