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Story of Ramayana in 15 points

1. King Dasharatha, king of Ayodhaya, has 4 sons Rama, Bharat and Laxman & Shatrughana from his 3 wives Kaushalaya, Kaikayi and Sumitra respectively. All grow up together.

2. Rama, being the eldest son, has the right to the throne. However Kaikayi wants her son, Bharat to be the King. So she uses the 2 boons (she got them from king for saving his life) to send Rama to exile for 14 years and put Bharat on the throne.

3. Rama accepts the exile. Sita and Laxman accompany him. Bharat, on knowing about his mother;s actions, seaarches for his brother and requests him to return to the kingdom. Rama returns him disappointed.

4. Rama, Sita & Laxman wander the forest and live lives like tribals and saints in southern India.

5. Surpanakha, Ravana's sister, sees Rama, gets attracted to him and offers proposal for marriage. In southern India, even in those times, a lady's wish to choose her groom was respected. Rama says he is committed to Sita and that Surpanakha should approach Laxman. Surpanakha puts the same proposal to Laxman who instead of polite refusal, makes fun of her and disrespects her. This agitates Surpanakha who attacks Sita in anger. Laxman shows his masculinity over a woman and cuts her nose and ears.

6. Surpanakha goes to her brother, Ravana and narrates the incident. Ravana, seeks revenge for humiliation & disrespect shown towards her sister. He abducts Sita. However, he respects her privacy completely and does not harm or touch her even though she was a captive.

7. Rama sends a number of followers including Hanuman, his most faithful follower, for returning Sita. Hanuman mischievously plays with his tail around the palace. This infuriates Ravana, who orders Hanuman's tail to be set on fire. When Hanuman's tail is set on fire, he jumps around the palace, sets the entire palace on fire and returns. The palace is resurrected by the boon Ravana received through his tapasaya.

8. All peace talk fail. War begins. Rama's side is clearly outnumbered and out-powered despite a number of great warriors on their side.
Rama meets Sugriva, who tells the story about how his brother Bali, a very powerful man, turned against him after he had closed the exit of the cave in which Bali was fighting an evil guy. Sugriva agrees to help Rama with Bali's army if Rama helped him capture his kingdom back.So Bali is killed by Rama in ambush and Sugriva captures Bali's kingdom.

9. War between Rama & Ravana continues with a number of powerful warriors dying on each side. Laxman is also injured badly and is struggling for his life. The only way to save him appears to be through a special medicine that could be found on Himalayas, northern part of the country. Hanuman sets off to bring the medicine and despite many obstacles manages to reach there. He is unable to identify the medicine, so he brings back the entire Himalayas. Laxman survives but the win seems impossible.

10 Vibhishana - Ravana's brother, emerges. He reveals to Rama, that the only way Ravana could be killed is by striking him at his belly button. Rama promises that the after Ravana's death, Vibhishana will be declared the king of Ravana's kingdom.

11, Rama attacks Ravana as Vibhishan told and successfully defeats him. But before Ravana dies, Ram aalso requests Ravana to share his wisdom.. Ravana says "Things that are bad for you seduce you easily; you run towards them impatiently. But things that are actually good for you fail to attract you; you shun them creatively, finding powerful excuses to justify your procrastination. That is why I was impatient to abduct Sita but avoided meeting you. This is the wisdom of my life, Ram. My last words. I give it to you". Ravan dies.

12. Rama meets Sita and asks her to prove her chastity. She has to walk over fire lit path to do so. After this, all of them return to their homeland, Ayodhaya.

13. For some time, everything is good. Sita has conceived Ram's child. Meanwhile people of Ayodhaya start questioning Sita's chastity and Rama fears his ideal image will be spoilt if he does not take action. To protect his image, Ram sends Sita to a forest on context of a tour and it's only after reaching the forest that Sita comes to know that she has been abandoned by Rama. Luckily she finds Valmiki's ashram and decides to leave on the life of a saint.

14. Lav, Ram's and Sita's son is born and grows up. One day he is lost and Sita is drowned with grief. Valmiki, decides to clone Lav to give relief to Sita. Later on Lav returns, cloned kid is named Kush and both live as brothers happily.

15. Sometime later, Rama who is in forest to perform some ritual comes across Lav & Kush. They do not know  each other and due to some conflict fight begins. Rama is about to attack them when Sita & Valmiki step in and inform Ram, that they are his sons. Ram's accomplice raise a concern that they had received news of only 1 son and ask Sita to prove her chastity once again. Hearing this, Sita request earth to take her in and ends her life. Rama gets to know the truth of cloning and takes both the sons back to the Ayodhya.

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