Sunday, 18 October 2015

How those fake Lottery email senders are a way smarter than you think!

Received an email about the lottery you won for which you did not even purchase a ticket?

Or from the Nigerian king who has selected you for donating his wealth?

Congratulations!! So now millions will be transferred into your account. You just have to pay a small processing fees because, hey, the King or the lottery distributors will not deduct that fee from the fortune they are gonna give you.

Why care for hundreds or thousands when you are gonna be a millionaire?


Well, you are not going to fall for that trap, are you? You are smart enough.
And if you are like me, most of the time, you would read the first line, know that it's a spam, delete or report it and then move on to the next item in your inbox.

But one day, when my father told me about his friend who had actually fallen into this trap and ended up losing a few thousands, I realized that the emails are successful in phishing for their targets.
I searched for 1 such email in my spam folder, read it and found nothing particularly exciting in the content. In fact the grammatical mistakes pissed me off. I wondered, how could such a writing, which does not even contain proper English, convince someone.

Two days later, It dawned upon me that this improper English might be intentionally used, as a filter. A filter to eliminate smart people. Those email target people who do not know OR care about grammatical mistakes. Their assumption is that if you are smart enough to spot grammatical /spelling mistakes or poor English, then you are not a possible target. If you do not care or are unable to spot these mistakes, then you are more likely to become a target for them.

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  1. I agree with the point about the "poor English" filter. Playing online I have already received about a dozen of such con mails. They are easy to crack as you say. But still we have to be vigilant. Personally I prefer only the reliable sites as thelotter review for instance and have nothing to complain about.