Tuesday, 22 August 2017

There is something we can learn from the biggest evil ever happened to the humanity - Hitler

A born nobody dies as the most infamous man in the world history.
A child who did not have a great education,
A homeless youth who struggled for food,
A dispatch runner for the army,

A man with an average physique, about 5'8" height and only 1 testicle ( Adolf Hitler's possible monorchism ),

becomes the most powerful individual of his era.

An individual, who sent shivers down the spine of not just the people sitting in the same room but also across the nations.

This individual started his career in the army as a dispatch runner during World War 1 and yet at the onset of the World War 2, the entire German army was following his orders. All the countries were waiting for his next move.

So how did an individual with no formal education, no career prospects, no superhuman powers, no godfather in politics make to the top of the world?

This individual was an oratory genius and with this skill as his most powerful weapon, he became the person the world today knows as Hitler.

The killings and sufferings he imparted on people cannot be justified, forgotten or forgiven.

But if, for just one moment, we focus on how this guy rose from pathetic lows to the top of the world, overcoming unimaginable obstacles we can find one positive thing to look up to and that is no matter how many odds may be stacked against you, if you work, day in and day out on the one skill that defines you, you can achieve great success.

PS: Here's a lesser known fact about Hitler. Hitler nearly died by drowning when he was just 4 years old. He was saved by a priest. Talk about costly mistakes, eh?
Source: The Priest Who Saved A Four-Year-old Hitler From Death In An Icy River

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