Saturday, 19 August 2017

Why Internet Ad industry loves Ad blocking apps

Do the ads on your browser put you off?

Does accidentally clicking on them, make you curse the company?

Using Ad block or similar app for your peace? Here's why the company will like to personally thank you. (at least why they should)

There are 3 parties involved in internet advertisement industry:
One - The product owner.
Two - The website on which ads are posted.
Three - Customers (You / I /Us)

The product owner makes the money if someone actually purchases something from their website. So the reason they are putting ads on other websites, is that they want their ad to be clicked so that user is directed to their site and the possibility of selling something increases.

The website charges product owner money for views of ads(Pay Per View). Since converting every view to click OR sale is virtually impossible, so product owners will want to maximize the click-to-view ratio. One way to achieve this is by making their ads view-able only to that audience who have high possibility of clicking the ads. But how can they select the specific audience?

Ad Blocker apps come to the rescue. There is a track of not just the clicks but also views.If Ad blocking app blocks the ads in your browser then it does not count as a view.

So this Ad blocker app has created a win-win situation for 2 parties. One - Customer, because they are saved from the irritating banner / popup ads. Second - the product owner, because they have successfully filtered out people, who would not have clicked on ads anyway, thus their views and effectively money on advertising is saved.

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