Thursday, 18 January 2018

Why employers sometimes hate smart workers?

Almost every person you meet will give you this advice: Work smart not hard.

And no matter whether you are hearing it for the thousandth time or the millionth time, you always nod your head in agreement.

But there can be a dark side of trying to be too smart. As  one of the employee, who went too far with his smartness found out.

A computer programmer at a tech company in the US, let's call him Mr. X was being paid a six figure salary. He figured out a way to work less and still being able to get paid the same.
Mr. X found someone in China who could do his job. In effect, he Outsourced himself. He continued to arrive at his company every morning and sat at his desk browsing internet. Meanwhile his Chinese replacement did his job. Everyone is aware that it costs a fraction of the amount to outsource the work to Asian countries. Mr. X paid only a fraction of his salary and pocketed the remaining amount. Not only he was able to run this for several months but he was also getting rated as the best employee, frequently at his organization.
In fact, this worked so well that Mr. X took jobs at other companies, provided they would allow him to work from "home", and hired even more Chinese. It's not clear how many jobs X was holding when his plan was uncovered.
But, man! That is certainly a great example of working smart!
Umm, so how was the cover blown?

Turns out that Mr. X did not get all his bases covered. The work to be done required him to be logged into the system. So his Chinese employee used to log into VPN with Mr X's credentials from, well, China. After a while, the security team assumed that a suspicious activity from China  might be a hack attempt. On further investigation, the actual cause was known.

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